Nissan Leaf 24 kWh

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It’s NZ's most popular EV, is pure electric and has impressive pickup. A lot of businesses and families have purchased the Nissan Leaf as their primary city car.  We've had one for 6 years and it hasn't missed a beat, costs the equivalent of 23 cents a litre for Ecotricity electricity and near zero servicing costs.

There is the 30 kWh model which some extra distance compared to the 24 kWh.

The news gets better. The Nissan LEAF is already 95% recyclable. Not only that, 20% of the materials used in manufacturing the LEAF is derived from recycled material.

But wait there's more!   The Nissan Leaf 2018 model has ~400 km of range and is already selling in Japan and a 600km model is on the way.  Both models have the ability to provide V2G (Vehicle to Grid) power to your house.

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Full specs

Manufacturer Nissan
Model Leaf 24 kWh
Electric Only Range 135kms
Battery Size 24kWh
Body Hatchback
Seats 5
Configuration 2WD
Fast Charge Time 0.6 hours
Charger Type Chademo, T1
Rate of Charge 50kW


New $12,000
Trade Me $12,000